Anthony Davis





Branding & Empowerment Specialist

Author, Speaker, Coach, and Consultant

Founder – President/CEO of The Brilliant Administration Multimedia Branding Agency. – Full service, development of Brand Identity, Brand Strategies, and Brand Management for clients, while also developing strategic brands platforms for its own brand which span across several markets!

Brands & Markets

Brilliantwear- Fashion

I Am Brilliant- Sports & Entertainment

Brilliant News- Media

Brilliant Talk- Media

I Am Brilliant “The Master Mindset” (book currently in development)- Empowerment

I Am Brilliant “The Master Mindset” (seminars currently in development)- Empowerment

How to Build Your Personal Brand “Through Personal Development” (workshop in development)- Empowerment


Adavis always knew inside at a young age that he would be a leader and Entrepreneur in helping others to personally develop themselves through changing their mindset of how they felt about themselves. This came from being very attracted to individuals who showed having a sense of strong confidence and speaking skills that would hold his attention!

Developing this attraction into a strong mental mindset early on, Adavis begin to immerse himself into the world of self-help, personal development, and Empowerment by listening to a variety of audios, reading books, and attending seminars of very note worthy speakers and authors. This was very exciting to Adavis and really opened his mind to the possibilities of following the same path!

With the mindset of endless possibilities and drive to help individuals to build confidence in themselves, along with a flare for urban fashion culture, Adavis fused these concepts together to create Brilliantwear, a Fashion Brand that stands for and represents Empowerment and a confident mindset lifestyle! This is evident through the Brand’s Empowerment messages and the I Am Brilliant tag-line!

Adavis dreams of Brilliantwear being on all the shelves of the to retailers was stunted when learning the process and changes to his brand from what the buyers and the retailers wanted in order to associate his brand with theirs.

From this experience, Adavis began to open his eyes as to how important Branding, Brand Association, and Brand Management was! So Adavis again immersed himself into the world of Branding, learning all he could and emerging on the heels of his experience with retailers was a mindset of end to end control of his businesses and brands through the birth of his Multimedia Branding Agency- The Brilliant Administration. This Agency employs concepts. Strategies, and platforms that will empower individuals, businesses, products, and services to develop Brand Identity and communicate that to the marketplace! Also develops its own brands in several markets as a platform strategy for Brand Association to personal brands and business brands!

The Company is also developing seminars and workshops that will show the thin line similarities between developing your personal brand and personal development. The very thing that is in line with what attracted Adavis to the Empowerment space in the first place!

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